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Begin by choosing "Simplified Setup" and enter information for label- and laserprinter.

  • Zebra label printer with ZPL

  • First of all you have to create a windows printer Generic/Text Only bound to your Zebra printer.
    In LivePrint this printer should be given and the printer should use nativa language i.e. ZPL. Codepage 850 is to be used by Zebra printer and filter function 2 - ANSI to OEM should be used. You can also choose 7 - ANSI to OEM Special which was made because some versions of Windows does not convert properly.

  • Zebra (Eltron) label printer with EPL

  • Generic/Text Only is to be used here as well and the native language EPL should be selected. Use character filer as above.

  • Windows label printer

  • Please choose the windows labelprinter that you have installed and the printouts will be made through windows drivers. In this case the printers native language is not used. It is also possible to use label sheets for an ordinaty laser printer.

  • Windows laser printer (A4)

  • Please choose your normal windows printer

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